Welcome to Cumulus Designs!

Want a website producing on a tight budget and deadline, but need to keep the quality? Cumulus Designs offers what you need! We produce websites that are individually crafted according to clients' requirements - from static sites, ideal for brochures and information sharing, through to full online shops. It is often the case that the vision for a website changes over time, and we understand this. That is why we maintain regular contact, ready to respond to our client's wishes.

We also offer data analysis services, where from a given set of data, a thorough and robust analysis is conducted and then transformed into a very professional and easy to follow reports package that breaks the data down into tables and charts. Cumulus Designs has produced several high quality data analysis packages for customers such as Engalco, a market leader on industrial research and consultancy.

When we are commissioned to produce a website or a data analysis package, we discuss all aspects of design and functionality, to ensure we are setting off on the right track.

So why not get in touch and see what we can do for you today - the sky's the limit with Cumulus Designs!